Draw and Create

Draw and Create with Bote Dyaryo Man at the National Gallery Singapore

Let me take you to a one awesome Sunday event at the National Gallery Singapore. This noteworthy Sunday, the Filipino Artist Robert Alejandro is with us to conduct a Tagalog workshop for the Filipino community in Singapore.

The writer and the artist

Yes, it’s Robert Alejandro, does that name sound familiar? He is an Award-Winning Graphic artist, an Illustrator, a Painter, a Crafter and one of the Pillars of Filipino Arts and Crafts shop- Papemelroti. He is also a founding member of Ang Illustrador ng Kabataan (Ang INK) – an organization of children books illustrators.

Robert Alejandro proves that making Art is Fun and Unique!

Bhing Navato and I (Jo Ann Dumlao), are partners today, we are the Filipino Sister Guides of HOME. We are officially part of the Best Friends of the Gallery (BFG) volunteers. A super splendid part of our Singapore life journey.


We invited participants for the workshop through posting on social media. The event was open to the public – anyone of the Filipino Community at this time, but the main target was the Filipino Migrant Domestic Workers.

First we did a quick tour to see some art works in the museum – Ang Baraha by Filipino artist Brenda Fajardo and Those Chased Away from their Lands by Indonesian Amrus Natalsya. The participants were split into 2 groups. And they were in awe – they expressed that in how they applauded the artworks, how they admired the wide range imagination of the artists. Other participants said, they will be coming back to the NGS to see more of the artworks. They are fascinated by the art, just like me.


After the quick tour, we headed up to the workshop room where the drawing materials were waiting for us. This time, we were going to Draw and Create with the Artist.

For most of the participants, it was their first time to do drawing and water coloring. The artist was so generous that he let me and Bhing and the NGS staff join the said workshop. I can say this Art workshop was a wonderful experience, art is fun and you’ll enjoy it once you start stroking your brush. Even if you don’t know how to draw (just like me), at the end the workshop you’ll say, I did it without a sweat! We draw a pop up jeepney greeting card.


The Artist himself is very energetic (wonder where it comes from), approachable, all smiles when he mingles with us. But you know what, he is an Inspiration. With his looks and energy, you won’t know that he is now living the best years of his life after his successful battle with Colon Cancer (he was diagnosed in 2016). He is a fighter and a motivated soul.

Coming to Singapore and giving a workshop to fellow kababayans is a Dream Come True, this is what Robert Alejandro said.

Thank you to the Artist and participants. We all did well and great at the end of the day!


By Jo Ann Dumlao



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