About My Voice

MyVoice at HOME aims to give a voice to the voiceless: the migrant workers of Singapore. It provides a platform for migrant workers to share their stories, articles, photographs, and poetry.

MyVoice is managed by HOME (the Humanitarian Organisation for Migrant Economics), a Singaporean charity that works for the well-being, justice and empowerment of migrant workers and trafficked victims in Singapore since 2004, and has become the authority on migrant domestic workers right in Singapore. Capturing stories of migrant workers, and using those to advocate for their rights, is an important part of HOME’s philosophy. The HOME website (www.home.org.sg) and newsletters share news collected by staff and volunteers, while HOME’s MyVoice blog (www.myvoiceathome.org) is dedicated specifically to pieces written by migrants themselves.

More information about HOME and it’s work can be found on http://www.HOME.org.sg

Anyone who works in Singapore as a migrant worker can contribute to My Voice, either as a regular writer or by submitting one-time articles. Please contact HOME at volunteer@home.org.sg if you like to contribute.

MyVoice editor:                     Juliet Ugay

MyVoice coordinator:        Karien van Ditzhuijzen


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The Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME) is an anti-human trafficking organisation advocating empowerment and justice for all migrant workers in Singapore

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