Hari Raya Celebrations

It’s the period of fasting, spiritual growth, self-improvement and one of the holiest days in Islamic practice. To fellow migrant workers, it is lonesome and tough being away from their loved ones during this time.

Ramadan, a time where the brothers and sisters from the Islamic faith show devotion to Allah, pouring their soul in their daily prayers and strengthening their family and community ties.

Joining our HOME Suara Kita family in celebration of Hari Raya is always a joy. Oh well, let me say it this way, I always look forward to it.

It is a season of victory for our dear Muslim brothers and sisters in completing the fast and overcoming personal battles during the Ramadan period.

Suara Kita family always serves an array of food so for me, based on my experiences, Hari Raya is food day! Be it spicy (means my tongue is burning) or not, tempting and attractive- I am a bon vivant ! I tend to try all the food that is being served, this happens only once a year so, why not? hehe

Every celebration with Suara Kita is always packed with good food, great people, a gathering for us- seeing people we seldom see, exchanging stories with laughters and sometimes even pouting lips.

Suara Kita always makes me and everyone feel welcome and a part of the family though I can’t speek their language. 

Wishing each and everyone a Happy Hari Raya and a great time with family and friends.

Jo Ann A. Dumlao


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