Emotional Abuse – Reflection by Zahira

I recall my experiences with emotional abuse with my previous employer. My employers and I had a group chat, but it was not used for communication. Instead they used it to send pictures, to complain when I’d forgotten their instructions or were not happy with my work. Almost every day, they complained about me. That made me feel sad and worried. Every night, I cried. But when I remembered that my son needs me, I told myself to be strong. When I woke up in the morning and opened my eyes for the first time, I wondered what my employers were going to complain about next. I felt very scared thinking about that.

I also had a very strict schedule, and if I did not follow it, I was scolded very badly. I felt so tired and overwhelmed. Even when they were on holiday, they checked in on me to ensure that I was following my schedule. After they returned, I was scolded again, saying that my work was not up to their standards. Eventually, I decided that I could no longer work for them. 

When I asked for a transfer, Ma’am said wait until she finds a replacement. After one month, nothing happened. They thought I was joking, that I wouldn’t be able to find another employer. One Saturday, I told them that I will go for interviews on Sunday. They were shocked that I was serious about leaving, and they still didn’t believe I could find a new employer. One week after that, I told them I had confirmed employment with another family and asked when they would release me. Finally, after much persuasion, I got my release paper.

A few months ago, I started working with a new employer. Thank God this family is nice and I’m happy working here. 

To all my friends, if you have a problem at work, don’t be quiet. You need to talk to your friends or go to a help desk to share and ask for advice. Fight for your rights. Your family needs your support.

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