A mother’s love

By: Rosita Atisor

Being a woman is God’s gift that all of us must appreciate; the life that we have, the origin of a child- is the mother. She shows to man and share the caring, the loving that a woman have.  A woman has a good heart, she can sacrifice all for her love ones, and even her own life she is willing to give.

A flashback to the year 2005: I can’t forget that incident that has been part of my life. That was the time when I delivered my baby girl Lyza at the hospital. There was another woman sharing my room. I heard very clearly what the doctor told the husband, who was standing next to his wife, “Mr. I need you to sign this paper, and be prepared. Your wife is in a critical condition. Which one will be your priority, your wife or your baby?”. The husband answered with a crying voice and said, “Please doctor save my wife”. When the wife heard what the husband said, tears fell from her eyes while holding the husband’s hand. She said, “Doctor please save my baby, save my son”. And the doctor took the woman inside the operating room. My eyes are in tears every time I remember those times.

That next morning, I was already a mother. Having a baby girl next to me, and each time I looked at her, the happiness I had at that moment is indescribable. That same morning, the doctor was doing a routine check and gave congratulations to new mothers. When he was by my bed, I took the chance to ask him how the mother and the baby I had seen yesterday were. He said that the boy was healthy and in good condition but unfortunately, the mother didn’t make it. She was gone. The doctor left the room but I was still in shock and started crying. I felt so sorry and pitied the baby for not having a mother anymore. But then, I admired the woman and I saluted her for giving up her own life for her son to live.

I want to let all the kids out there know, to please love their mother and love their life because they’ll never know what sacrifices their mother made or will make, just for them.




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