By: Bhing Navato



When I decided to leave my country,

The hardest part was leaving my family.

When I looked at my children, it broke my heart

My husband’s teary eyes tore me apart.


I arrived here full of hope,

I prayed day by day so I could cope.

With three houses to clean in a week,

Rice and eggs for my meals, it really made me weak.


My sleeping area was inadequate,

Although I had a mattress, a pillow and a blanket.

Beside the fish tank was my place to sleep.

Every night, I told the fish,

You’re lucky, you have a crib.


I almost lost my temper one day

When she came to me with only harsh words to say.

I looked at her and thought this way:

The day will come when I will have my way.


Finally it happened, I finished my contract,

Asked for a transfer, but she wanted to send me back.

I was surprised, it was really unfair

I worked so hard, she didn’t even care.


So I decided to leave without permission,

Running away was my only option.

I went to HOME, they guided me all along,

They helped me in everything, taught me how to be strong.


My sacrifice didn’t happen in vain,

I got my new employer, now I just need to train.



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