My Hero

MY HERO (Migrants)


She has a beautiful smile

And she takes care of an old man who is senile

No one knows how hard she works

At night she wakes and talks


She cries, when she is tired and lonely

Her hand phone is her company

She prays when she is weary

Hoping to have energy

To continue her journey.


When she does things and her bosses are not happy

They will start insulting & shouting till noon day

And off day during Sunday.

Life is not fair as they always say

Working hard but no money

Because my salary is not enough for my family,

To rest, eat, play and pray.


But some are working during Sunday

Cleaning, cooking and taking care of the whole family

I feel so sad to learned about their plight

Working whole day until night.

When the day is done

Her tiredness will be gone.


Oh what a life I should say

Working very hard for my family

I sometimes no time to eat

Because I rush my work and have time to meet,


Migrants or Domestic Worker shall I say

All is work everyday and even then they bully.


By: Miss Saturnina De Los Santos Rotelo (Cute)













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