The second home

By Ma. Jasmin Tingala

The Second Home


The day I left

The place where I lived

Leaving behind

All love of mine


In search of earning a good living

For a family that was waiting

However tough I may seem

As long as it is for them


Homesickness was the first thing to encounter

Once we separated from each other

Though it’s so painful to be away

We remain connected every day


The second home

Where I am now

Is not what I want

But it is in demand


Life’s hard undeniably

Being far from where we used to be

The only thing that makes us stay

Is a kind of living we can earn fairly


The second place we work today

Is different from our own country

We went from simple to difficult

And let them know we’re able to flaunt


Not all were lucky

To have a good employer’s family

But we do our best

To show our kindest

And promise to do what we signed

Till we finish our contract that they designed


So I’m telling you all

Being an OFW sounds cool

But it’s like trying to break out of a maze wall

Finding a way to be out and free

All we do is work and pray!


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