Mama, Where Are You?

Many domestic workers leave behind young children in their home countries, when they come to Singapore to work. Most of them do this for the benefit of the children, to pay for their upkeep, education or medical costs. But how do you explain that to a  young child? The child just knows that it misses its mama.  Myrna Javier wrote this heart-breaking poem about a child that misses it’s mother in faraway Singapore.

By: Myrna Javier


Mama, Where Are You? 


Where are thou dear Mother?

Tears in thane innocent eyes come hither.

Melancholy look from a distance.

Hoping to get a glimpse by chance.



Scenarios like this happens at home

When the beacon of light is gone

Even the pillars that remain

Won’t be able to hold

The sadness of the heart and longing

The joy of a mama could bring.



Father, where is my dearest Mama?

Tearfully ask the little one.

Papa can’t give her the right answer

That Mama went to seek for a job on a foreign land

To give us all the better life and free us all from all this strife.


Suppressed happiness in exchange of a dime to a dollar.

Scarcity, of everything, shelter, food and tattered clothes

Simple yet happy filled with love and unity.


Hush dear child, be patient and good.

Dear Mama will be home

Until then let’s smile at the sun and moon

She’ll be with us forever soon


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