The simple life

HOME shelter offers a ‘home’ to domestic workers that have run away from their employers. During a writing workshop the residents were asked to write about what ‘home’ means to them. Read Hilda’s contribution about her dreams for a simple life with her family below.

I am Hilda from Philippines. I would say that I am proud of my country. I lived in a province, in Luzon part. It was nice that each morning when I woke up, I could feel the cold, fresh wind. Life was so simple then, when my family was around me everything was fine, even though sometimes we worried about financial matters. I love the beach, the mountains, and above all I love the simplicity of everything.

In Singapore, I once lived with an Australian and Chinese family. They had a nice home with complete equipment inside. They were both working. I could say that they had almost everything except kids. They had a small garden where I spent half my time clearing and watering the plants. But of course I didn’t have the privilege to go out any time. The house was good, but the people living there were the problem. Without the right people, a house is not a home.

I would like to live in a place near the sea where I could see the sunset every day of my life. In a house with my own family, living a simple life. I would love to have a little garden in my back yard with different kinds of flowers, like orchids, and green plants. It is the simplicity that counts with me. I believe that we don’t need to be rich to have everything, but what I would like is only to have my own house, earned with my own hard work, and to live with my family because we just live here on Earth temporarily.

As the saying goes there’s no place like home, there is no other place where I can show myself, and be who I am. Home is like heaven for me. There I can express myself without humiliation. They won’t look down on me, they will understand me and most of all love me.

My dream home is like a simple, native made up of native products like bamboo and wood, but stable. Having a garden in the backyard bearing fruits and vegetables where my family will spend our time together harvesting and cooking and eating together. Cooking is my passion and I believe I can make my family happier.



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