You are not allowed to have boyfriend!

Employment agencies play a vital role in assisting migrant domestic workers and employers manage their relationships. In fact, many employers turn to agencies for ‘expert’ advice on how to do so. But many agencies seem to assume the worst of domestic workers, reinforce negative stereotypes and violate their rights. Such oppressive practices are poorly regulated. Indonesian domestic worker (Siti) was told to sign off this list of rules which she was expected to obey. Among the list of instructions in this document, titled ‘Working Rules in Singapore’ are the following:

1)   Don’t pray or fast unless employer has given permission

2) Must always work hard, initiative and automatic. Don’t be lazy and don’t tell lies.

3) Don’t sleep in the afternoon or go to bed early. All work must be finished before got to sleep.

4) Must work hard (wholeheartedly), honest, don’t steal and always respect your employer and employer family members.

5) Don’t argue and don’t fight back with employer or beat up employer’s children.

6) Must work fast, clean, neat and tidy. Don’t understand, ask employer, avoid spoilting employer’s things.

7) Do not smoke or drink beer.

8) You are not allowed to have boyfriend.

View the full document here:
Working Rules in Singapore


8 thoughts on “You are not allowed to have boyfriend!”

  1. This is what we called a modern day slaves. I have been with my employer for 8 years now and I am treated as one of the family members. It’s just sad that some human being are unreasonable. Very disappointing.

  2. Am not agree. How can we are not allowed for pray and fasting. Its against humans right.
    And we are normal human being. Especially If we are single. Its common to have boyfriend.
    I hope the agencies will allow us to pray and fasting.

  3. We are worker ..not a slave
    We paid for our hard work ..not our life …
    as long we did not bring boyfrend home ..wich is prohibited by employer. Bcos the house is theirs …

    We are human …we have feeling too as the employer’s doughter does ….

  4. that is not fair … why we must listen to employer only ,employer should listen to us too .we work hard to earn money but does not mean we are slaves . can’t belived in singapore have that rule .

  5. Walaaah______ kayak mesin az non stop super ketat, pekerja juga manusia , bukanya sholat dn puasa ada tertulis di kontrak kerja , heemm ,

    Majikan saya gk seperti itu , mana yg menjadi hak saya sebagai pekerja itulh hak saya ,
    Yang penting saya bekerja dengan baik, jujur, tidak menyalahi undang2 yg berlaku di singapore , bertangung jawab, dn menjaga dngan baik kepercaya’an yg bos berikan !

  6. Seharusnya harus di beri waktu untuk ibadah tanpa harus minta ijin
    bukan kerja keras 24 jam non stop mesin aja berhenti apalagi manusia harus kasih waktu untuk istirahat waktu siang
    Boyfriend why not asal tidak merugikan majikan dan tahu batas batas kesopanan dan yg wajar

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