H.O.M.E Academy Graduation, July 2014

By Pablita Patricio The first semester of H.O.M.E Academy 2014 came to a close in July with graduation ceremonies for the 589 students who had completed courses in subjects ranging from English and IT to Baking, Sewing, Caregiving, Aromatherapy and Cosmetology. Guests at the graduation ceremonies were entertained by student performances and guests of honour included the new Philippine Ambassador to Singapore, Mr. Antonio A. Morales, and the Founder and CEO of H.O.M.E Sister Bridget Tan. The graduation of the H.O.M.E Academy 3 group was celebrated together with Indonesian National Day and Hari Raya. academy1 Whilst graduation marks the end of schooldays for the students, for many this is just the beginning. It is the start of their journey to fulfil their dreams as they continue to reach for more. Many go on to enroll in other courses and proudly use what they have learnt at their employers’ homes, proving that they use their day off wisely. Each of them hopes to be somebody when they go back home to their countries. academy2 Academy Update Semester 2 is now well underway with new English classes for women from Myanmar and Financial Planning classes for those wish to save more or are looking to open their own businesses when they return to their home countries. Registration for Semester 1 2015 will open in November with lots of new and exciting courses on offer. For more information contact Sisi on +65 6333 8356


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