By: Bhing Navato


I can’t talk, I can’t hear..

But it doesn’t mean , I am not here.

I can’t see, but I can feel you.

My hands are my eyes, I can still see you through.



I cannot think properly.

My mind is a twister, nobody wants talks to me

But when you guide me, I can do things properly.

Just be patient , determination  is what I have in me.



I used to feel I’m useless.

I cannot do anything, I’m filled with sadness

Life is hard , I don’t see any goodness in me,

I wanted to end my life, to be free of misery



Then one day, seeing others in the same situation as me,

Made me realized how precious our lives can be.

It was not my fault, that I was born like this,

Nor an accident should be blamed for taking away my perfect bliss.



You don’t see my strength, all you see is my disability

You don’t see my willingness to prove  that I have ability

You look at me with disgust, feel annoyed out of the blue.

Laughing from a distance, make fun of everything I do.



Look into my strength, not on what you think is my weakness

I don’t need your pity, Provide me my happiness

Allow me to work so I can live my life with dignity..

Do not judge me based on my capability.



Does anybody here, who is perfect, please let me know..

Does anyone of you here who has no flows?

Take away all  discrimination

Accept  my imperfections.



Nobody is perfect, that’s who we are.

We are unique in our own ways, , even from afar.

Do not judge me base on what you see.

Look at me with equality, be compassionate with me.



I am here, you can see me.Visible clearly to your naked eyes

I am here, you can hear me.I’m loud enough to let you hear my cries.

My disability might be a disturbance to you,

But I am here, I need your acceptance too.


This  poem was made by help desk volunteer Bhing. This was her entry at the HUMAN WRITES competition for the month of April which has a theme of “disability rights”



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