Poetry to celebrate Mother’s Day

By: Bhing Navato




Nine months in her womb, it feels amazing.

Carried me with love and care, my weight for her is nothing.

Countless “I love you my baby”, the words she always says.

Especially on the days, that problem comes her way.


She introduced me to everyone around her,

Happiness can be seen in her eyes; no doubt she’s a mother.

She helps my father to get the family organized,

Everybody comes to her when they need advice.


She works so hard; I can see all of her struggles,

Between being a wife, a mother, to her work where she juggles.

A real superwoman, who endured everything,

A prayerful mother, with lots of understanding.


I grew up, everything has changed in me completely,

A nice child in her eyes , now behaved differently.

Her busy schedule, gave the wrong impression to me.

I started to argue, show no respect, and do things she doesn’t want to see.


One day, I saw her crying while she prays.

I stood still  and stared at her, thinking what will she say.

As I turned my back, I heard she called my name.

Then she said, “My love for you will always be the same.”


She continued, “You came from me, my precious one.

How can I not forgive you, when everything is done?

I nursed you and brought you up with love.

How can I forget you, when you’re the best thing I ever have.”


My tears flowed as I realized, how blessed I am to have her

Who faithfully understands me, loves me like no other.

Everything came together into my mind as we hugged each other,

God gave me the best woman, I called her mother.


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