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My Time

By: Jane Sucaldito Supapo


Early 2009 I left the Philippines

Because of dreams

Came to a foreign land, Singapore

To fulfil my plan to work and earn a living.


At first I couldn’t handle situations.

In my first and second employers’ homes I lacked food and rest.

I left them and found the third

They’re better and I am happily working.


I sacrificed and shed tears for my loved ones

It’s this love for them that I am here and holding

Determined I am to pursue my dreams

And fulfil the promise of a better future for them.


Being independent and a self disciplined individual

Wise and smart in a crucial world.

A breadwinner and a single mother to a girl

I learned to sacrifice my self-desires.


I thank God above all

For opportunities and chances

And facing forward to a better and brighter future

And one day will be proud of myself going back home where I truly belong.

HOME, an inspiration


During our last HOME Academy graduation day one of HOME’s students, Indonesian Domestic Worker Maria Handayani, made a speech to all  graduates. During this speech she recited a poem. HOME likes to thank Maria for her wonderful words, which we like to share  with you all, hoping she will inspire many others like her. 

HOME, A Masterpiece of Inspirations

I remember the days, when I was not able,
To stand up.
I remember the days, when I was not able,
To speak up.
I remember the days, when I had nothing,
To offer.
I remember the days, when I could not make,
My own, decisions.

With your gentle care,
You lifted me up high.
With your gentle care,
You taught me, through learning.
With your gentle care,
You helped me, to be strong.

Now, I am able to to stand up,
Because of you.
I am able to speak up,
Because of you.
And, I, have something to share.

I can do, what I always wanted to do.
I can be, what I always wanted to be.
I can stand strong, and defend myself.
All this I can do, because of you.
And this is, what I share with you.
Because, this is, what I am, today.

I am beautiful.
I am strong.
I am smart.

I know, that, I am special.
I know, that, I am unique.
And I know, that, you, are special too.

I found, a masterpiece, in you.
You, inspire me, to be,  what I am today.
And I treasure you.
Dear HOME.
You are, a masterpiece of inspirations.

Writen by
Sri Handayani Sutarno.


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